Semiconductor test system

Mixed signal LSI test system

【Target devices】Automotive, Power supply, Battery management, Each drivers, etc

Multi-pin type model is now launched in WL27 Logic/Power mixed LSI test system. This system is suitable for multi-site test in A/D mixed device such as automotive・motor driver IC. It’s a high throughput and cost performance mixed signal LSI test system.


Specifications highlight
Test Rate: 20/40 MHz
Digital Pins: 256 pins、256 PPS (WL27H)
128 pins、128 PPS (WL27)
DSP Module AFG: 16 bits/10 Msps
DSP Module ADGT: 16 bits/10 Msps
DSP Module VFG: 14 bits/240 Msps
DSP Module VDGT: 14 bits/80 Msps
High Power V/I: ±60 V/±10 A mountable

WL27Prime Mixed Signal LSI Test-System

Our New product WL27Prime make it possible to testing various products which is Power-Mixed IC build in MCU, LSI with 100MHz and other.


  • Providing I/O Digital as Maximum1024ch
  • Parallel Test : Maximum 128 DUT
  • Mounting Multi-Patter Generator, SCAN and ALPG
  • Providing PMU, TMU function as Per-pin
  • Customer can choose various modules for WL25 series on WL27Prime.
  • Power device testing can be possible by High-Current, High-Voltage option.
  • 100MHz 1024 I/O Digital
  • 64V/1.5A
  • 16V/100A
  • 2000V/100mA