Semiconductor test system

Multi-test system

Wafer multi-site test system

WL15VW+Power device BOX power device wafer multi-site test system

【Target devices】IGBT, MOSFET, SBD, FRD, IPM, IPD, Chip

【WL15VW+Power device BOX】

Example : 2000V/30A 4 multi-site test specifications
  • +2000V/±20mA
  • ±128V/±5A
  • ±60V/±30A
  • ±64V/±160mA
  • Max. 32 multi-site test is available

High voltage/High current power semiconductor test system

WL25MV multi-stage high voltage/high current power semiconductor test system

【Target devices】IGBT / MOSFET modules & chips


Available 8 multi-stages (AC testing/DC testing stages)
  • Data management and control in the zone (Multi product Window)
  • Provide production environment stability
  • Avoid device damages in AC testing through the function of over current protection

Compact multi-test system 

【Target devices】Automotive sensor, automotive regulator etc

Max 4 stages asynchronous test is available per system. Compact main unit allows to connect with handling machine closely. Reduce connecting cables from main unit by application space inside main unit.


Specifications highlight 
  • Paralell test is available
  • Analog pin: 64V/1.5A: 32CH
  • Digital pin: 50MHz    : 32CH
  • Built-in modules
    • High voltage V/I  2000V/20mA
    • High current V/I 16V/100A
    • Time